Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 6.01 Build 12540

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 6.01 Build 12540


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 Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 6.01 Build 12540

Multilingual registered version.

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is a utility for monitoring and controlling the status of hard drives. Allows you to identify potential problems, performance degradation, and possible failures. Can alert the user if a problem is detected or if the temperature is exceeded. Its capabilities will clearly not seem superfluous, especially in the case of the special value of the stored data with an increase in the volume of drives. The program monitors the status of hard drives, including temperature readings and SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a technology built into most modern drives) for each hard drive. It also measures the real-time data transfer rate (this indicator can be used to test or determine cases of underestimated performance in certain situations).

Works in the background and constantly analyzes the situation. In case of detection of an error or exceeding the threshold of certain parameters specified by the user, a warning will be displayed. In most cases, it is SMART technology that comes to the rescue, as this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to track changes in especially important or critical parameters of drives.

As the size of hard drives is constantly increasing, the data stored on them is becoming more and more valuable for the computer user (especially for a company or office). In this case, serious problems may occur after a hard drive failure. Hard Disk Manager can monitor the health of hard drives, including temperature and SMART (self-checking, analysis and alert technology built into most modern hard drives) of each drive. The program also measures the data transfer speed of the hard drive in real time, which can be used as a benchmark or to detect a possible hard drive failure, deterioration of its performance.

The program can be used to prevent serious damage or loss of data. The program warns the user if there is a problem before it happens and gives the opportunity to backup important and valuable data. Hard Disk Sentinel runs in the background and constantly analyzes the health of your hard drive. If there is an error or unexpected behavior, the program alerts the user to the current state. Normally, the condition of the hard drive may slowly deteriorate from day to day. SMART technology helps predict possible failure by monitoring drive critical values. The program also displays the current hard drive temperature and remembers previous temperatures, which can be used to check the maximum temperature when the hard drive is under high load.

In addition, a large number of additional options are available for personalization, advanced alert management, logging of collected data, system time synchronization via the Internet, automatic shutdown and acoustic mode control (if the drives support this function).

Features RePack'a:
Type: installation.
Languages: ML.
Cut: EULA.
Activation: done (thanks to radixx11).

Command line switches:
  • Silent installation of the Russian version: / S / R
  • Silent installation of the English version: /S / E
  • Silent installation of the Ukrainian version: /S / U
  • It is also possible to select a directory for installation:
  • After all keys add /D=%path% Example: setup_file.exe /S / R /D=C:\ Program

OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2008 (32-bit / 64-bit). Download Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 6.01 Build 12540 (26.17 MB):

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